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Terraria Mobile 1.1.8

Terraria Mobile 1.1.8 Free Download

free download

Craft and explore in a 2D designed world


Terraria Mobile is the portable version of the desktop Terraria edition which can be downloaded to your smartphone and tablet with adapted gameplay controls. Published by 505 games, the game features a fantastic colorful world full of materials for crafting your own items and creating whatever you want in a pretty and visual way by collecting blocks. This critically-acclaimed sandbox belongs to the best-selling indie games that recently have broken into the market thanks to gamers' support.

The design of Terraria Mobile remains the same from the original version, being adapted to mobile devices establishing a grid interface for being more accurate in obtaining materials. The diversity is really stunning as for what you can craft with the items you collect from the stages and those that are dropped by the enemies you fight. With the different items you can equip yourself and enable abilities such as flying, which come in pretty handy.

The design of Terraria Mobile remains the same from the original version, being adapted to mobile devices

Creating your own area can help you to get NPC (non-playable characters) to join the village, and there are more than 10 different ones available. As variety is one of the main details there are a dozen of different stages such as a lava volcano, caves and a dark forest. The day and night cycle changes the appearance of the levels, making them more dangerous as you'll have to light the darkest places with torches.

Create your own place to stay
Create your own place to stay

How to play

The App for mobile devices includes differences in the content and controls that make it a unique version compared with the main game. The main aspect that changes is the control interface for the gameplay. Terraria Mobile enables its control through the touchscreen, enabling a virtual touchpad on the left side for movement and the action touching on the different buttons you find. Having equipped yourself with the pickaxe, you can dig and mine to obtain some new materials for building new free structures - completely up to your creativity. Weapons are one of the main aspects of the title, and its variety is also something to take into account since you can create swords, bows and even laser-like guns.

There is a multiplayer mode available through a Wi-Fi connection for up to 4 different players at the same time without the need to download additional software. This way, you can have player-vs-player combat for putting your abilities to the test, or you can continue with your adventure together by fighting against more than 75 available monsters and 5 dreadful bosses that will be a real challenge.

Since this App content is different, there are unique features for each mobile Android or iOS version. For example, in the Android edition you can find the green droid as a pet. Each version has its own leaderboard for competing against other players as well as different achievements for adding some additional objectives to the game.

Get to know more players in this world
Get to know more players in this world

Terraria Mobile 1.1.8 Features

Check the unique features for Terraria Mobile:

  • Enjoy the colorful pixel-art designed 2D world of Terraria with over 12 different areas you can explore
  • Fight against more than 75 different monsters and defeat the 5 great bosses you will encounter on the way
  • Create the best place you ever dreamt of, with more than 25 different blocks for building whatever you want
  • Craft free weapons, potions, armor and equipment with more than 200 available recipes
  • Summon a pet, a loyal friend which will accompany you through the whole adventure
  • Gameplay is adapted to touchscreens for mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones

For checking more information about the mobile game before the download, visit its official site.

System Requirements

Here are listed the minimum requirements for Terraria Mobile:

  • Operating System: Android version 2.3, iOS 5.1 or later
  • Size: 39MB Free space

free download


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